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Real-Time Reporting and Analytics for SQL Account users


Allocate your time doing more important tasks instead of having to generate tedious reports

Decision Makers

Get quick and easy access to your reports so you can always monitor and make quick business decisions


Be motivated to serve more clients as GOBI allows your clients to view their account statements anytime

About Us

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We believe in studying data to make wise decisions rather than going by intuition. That is why we want to equip your business with analytic tools so you can understand every aspect of your business and make sound decisions.


Better SQL Account Reports

SQL is a great accounting software with rich reports, and GOBI is here to provide you with visualized reports that can simplify your understanding of your company’s performance.
GOBI can also help you understand your business’ financial strength through various liquidity ratios and cash flow information. You can see the full list of our reports by clicking below or check out our live demo for the full experience.

Manual Reports are Time Consuming

Waste no time and effort sorting, copying and pasting data into Excel to create visualized reports.
GOBI allows you to get a quick glance of all your important reports with beautiful charts.
Our reports are 100% reliable, providing you only accurate business information.

Online Mobile Reporting on Any Device

With GOBI, you can now view your reports from any device, anywhere, at any time.
View your beautiful reports on your Android, iPhone. Macbook. Windows and many other operating platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions


How can GOBI help my business?

Is your company’s cash flow healthy?
Do you know how to forecast sales and other trends?
Do you know what products/service is your core product and which is the most profitable for you?
Do you know who owes you the most money?
GOBI can address all the above problems and many more.


Will GOBI affect SQL's concurrent user?

No, GOBI dashboard runs as a separate software, it won’t affect the number of concurrent users in SQL Account. 


Does GOBI work with other accounting software?

Currently, GOBI only works with SQL Account. But soon enough GOBI will work with every accounting and business management software to bring you the analytics you need.



I'm a SQL Dealer and my clients need SQL Dashboard, can you provide us GOBI?

Yes, please drop us a message at our contact page.

Full FAQ here

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