About Us

Every business success starts with a brilliant plan.

… and that very plan begins with us.


About Our Company

GOBI is a business intelligence software company. We started GOBI because we wanted to provide business owners and decision-makers the right analytic tools to make wiser business decisions.
Each chart we developed has a purpose to help owners understand their company’s performance better.
Our charts help you to learn from your past, make better decisions daily, and plan ahead for the future.

Mission 🚀

To create tools for businesses that help them make wiser decisions to achieve greater success.

Purpose 🌟

To facilitate continuous business improvement
for all businesses.

Our analytics doesn’t just stop at SQL Account
We plan to expand GOBI to other Business Management Software

If you would like to integrate your software to take advantage of GOBI’s features,
drop us a partnership message on our partners page.

Open chat
💬Hi there! I'm GOBI, talk to me 😃
Hi! Welcome to GOBI. If you are looking for SQL Dashboard, please go to gobi.my/dashboard. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.
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