What is BPN?

2 April 2020 – The Malaysian Government has announced a few initiatives to stimulate and sustain our economy whereas Bantuan Prihatin Nasional (BPN) is one of the key plans to aid the M40 and B40 income groups. The MOF has since provided further guidelines and FAQ to clarify how the one-off financial aid will be disbursed.

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Where to check ?

1) Logon to https://bpn.hasil.gov.my/

2) Key in your IC number and submit.

3) You can refer to Status Permohonan to see if you are eligible for the BPN or not.

4) You can submit an appeal if you think the information is incorrect.

5) You can always refer to the “Alasan” Column to understand the reason why your application was rejected.

FAQ & Scenarios

1) What is Household Income?

Your Household Income is the combined income of the Husband and Wife that is declared to LHDN based on YA 2018.

(Husband Yearly Declared Income + Wife Yearly Declared Income) / 12 months = Monthly Household Income

Hence, by referring to the above formula, you can easily find out which category you fall under.

However, if your household income in YA 2019 is under a different category compared to YA 2018, you can always submit an Appeal to LHDN with supporting documents to justify it.

2) What is Single Income ?

Single Income is individuals who are Working, above 21 years old and still have yet to be married.

3) Why does my status show “Tiada Rekod”?

Perhaps you still have yet to submit any personal income tax filling to LHDN.
Hence, you are required to lodge a new registration and submit the required info to LHDN.

4) If husband’s income is RM 100k per annum but the wife is an unemployed, full-time housewife.
Will the wife be eligible for BPN?

NO, since they are married – they should be viewed as Household income by combining both incomes from the Husband and Wife.
In this scenario, the husband’s income is more than RM96k per annum; hence both parties are not eligible to claim the BPN.

5) Mr. Ali is an elder brother in the family who has a yearly income of RM 50k ; whereas Mr. Batik is the youngest brother who has a yearly income of RM 40k. Both of them are still single.
Will Mr. Ali and Mr. Batik be eligible for BPN?

No for Mr. Ali; Yes for Mr. Batik.
Since Mr Ali and Mr Batik are still single, they fall under the Single category.
The threshold for Single Category is a Monthly income of RM 4,000 which is equivalent to RM 48,000 per annum.
Hence, Mr. Ali is not eligible but Mr. Batik is eligible to claim the BPN.