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Additional Company
RM50 per month

Additional User
RM20 per month

What’s Included

Multi-user login

Each plan is entitled to
2 user account ID

Multi-company control

Do you own multiple companies?
View all your companies’ reports in 1 place.

No Data Limits

There is no limit on data processing.
View reports dated many years back.

Dashboard Overview

Today Sales

Today Profit

Today Quotation

Sales Trend with Profit/Loss

Sales by Agents

Stock Group Purchases History

General Ledger Profit/Loss

General Ledger Expenses


Today Sales

Today Profit

Today Quotation

7 Days Sales Trend with Profit/Loss

7 Days Quotation Tracker

Daily Sales Agent Ranking

Daily Sales Customer Ranking


Monthly Sales

Quarterly Sales

Yearly Sales

Total Quotation

Converted Quotation

Open Quotation

Sales Trend with Profit/Loss

Sales by Agents

Sales Conversion Rate

Individual Agent Sales Performance

Agent’s Top Selling Stock Group

Agent’s Outstanding Quotations by Account

Agent’s Individual Sales Metric (Past 2 years)

Stock Groups

Stock Group Sales History

Stock Group Purchases History

Stock Group Profit Margin

Profit by Individual Stock Item

Individual Stock Item Sales Breakdown

Best Selling Individual Stock Item


Current Month Collection

Outstanding Amount

Upcoming Amount Due

Top 10 Debtors

Overdue Debtors

Aging Summary

Individual Customer Aging Overview

Monthly Aging Summary

Individual Customer Sales VS Collection

Individual Customer Sales Performance


Current Month Payable

Overdue Amount

Upcoming Supplier Amount Due

Overdue Supplier Invoice

Purchases Price Volatility

General Ledger

Total Assets

Total Liabilities

Total Equities

Cash On Hand

Cash In Bank

Assets/Liabilities Position

Top 10 Debtors

Top 10 Creditors

Profit/Loss Report


Business Performance

Cash FLow

Current Ratio

Working Capital to Total Assets

Debt Ratio

Fixed Assets to Net Worth Ratio

Current Liabilities to Net Worth Ratio

Cash Ratio

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