Meet SQL Dashboard  for SQL ACCOUNT

  • ZCloud reporting dashboard
  • ZOver 70 business reports
  • ZUser friendly interface
  • ZBudgeting and forecasting
  • ZWorks on mobile devices

WHAT is SQL Dashboard?

SQL Dashboard by GOBI is a cloud reporting dashboard made exclusively for SQL Account users only.

This dashboard displays the company’s reports and financial statements visually. Thus, eliminating complexity and confusion when reviewing the business’ performance.

SQL Dashboard also has a forecast module so businesses can better budget and plan for the future.

WHY do you need SQL Dashboard?

Always Ready For Meetings

Whether it’s your daily or weekly meetings, you can always count on GOBI to deliver accurate and visually pleasing reports.

Made To Go Anywhere

Not at the office? On your way to meet a customer? Use GOBI on your mobile device wherever you go.

Forecast Your Future

With our forecast module, you will be able to better estimate the future financial outcomes for your company.

Made To Win

GOBI is made for those who want to continuously strive ahead. We make it easier to identify potential areas of improvement so you can always improve your business process – stay ahead of your competitors.



Identify Key Areas Of Concern

Purchasing costs increasing? Falling salesperson performance? Uncollected debts rising? Our analytics tells you when things are going sideways so you can act fast to prevent it from becoming worse.

Made For Speed

Our UI is simple and intuitive so you spend less time navigating and get down to discussions faster. Every click and load is optimized for speed.

List of Reporting Modules

Dashboard summary
(summary for daily sales, profit, quotation, sales trend, general ledger, etc.)

Daily reporting
(daily sales, daily agent sales ranking, daily customer sales ranking, etc.)

Sales reporting
(monthly sales, converted quotation, agent sales, sales conversion, etc.)

Stock group reporting
(stock group profit margin, best selling stock item, etc.)

Customer reporting
(current month collection, outstanding amount, aging summary, etc.)

Supplier reporting
(current month payable, overdue amount, purchases price volatility, etc.)

General ledger reporting
(assets/liabilities position, P/L, expenses, etc.)

Business performance ratios
(current ratio, working capital to total assets, receivables turnover, etc.)

“The forecast module and charts have truly helped me to set and plan for future goals while helping me to allocate  budgeting.”

– Gary, CEO of GCCK

“Our salesforce is huge, GOBI allows us to easily monitor our salesperson’s performance over time and reward accordingly.”

– Kuang, Head of MOE

“ We don’t have to manually prepare reports for our meetings anymore, we use GOBI whenever there’s a need for discussion.”

– Jacky, Director of Bispoint

Any questions?

We’re delighted to answer them.



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