Help and Support


Setup in 3 easy steps

System Requirements

  • Installation in SQL Account server PC
  • Firebird 3.0 or above (we will help you install if you don’t have it)
  • Win 7 or above
  • Internet access

Your Privacy is our Priority

Your data is safely encrypted and stored on our servers to ensure no data leaks out. We do not sell any details of our customers, you can rest assure that your details are kept private and confidential.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can GOBI help my business?

Do you know your company’s sales performance? Is your company’s cash flow healthy? Do you know how to forecast sales and other trends?
Do you know what products/service is your core product and which is the most profitable for you?
Do you know who owes you the most money?
GOBI can address all the above problems and many more.

I'm not too good at analyzing data, how can GOBI help?

No problem, we put out frequent webinars and other resources to teach you how to use GOBI to analyze your business performance and give you recommended solutions to solve specific business problems. Follow us on Facebook to stay updated.

Can gobi support multiple companies?

Each company can have its individual SQL Dashboard. However, at the moment, we are unable to consolidate all your companies’ data into 1 dashboard.

How many user accounts can access my SQL Dashboard?

For trial period, we are giving 2 user accounts per company. The user in SQL Dashboard doesn’t affect SQL Account concurrent users.

Why is my data not updated?

First, kindly ensure that the SQL Account server pc is turn on with an internet connection.
GOBI will sync data from SQL Account every 40mins, you can check the last sync timestamp on the top right of the page.
If your data doesn’t sync after 2hours, please contact our support team.

My sql connect is cloud based, can i use gobi?

Yes, please get in touch with our team on how to setup GOBI for cloud-based SQL.